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Hair Chemist Coconut Oil Shampoo, Conditioner & Hair Mask 3-PC Set

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This Deluxe Three(3) Piece Set Includes:
  • Hair Chemist Coconut Oil Shampoo 12 oz.
  • Hair Chemist Coconut Oil Conditioner 12 oz.
  • Hair Chemist Coconut Oil Hair Mask 8 oz.


Treat dry hair with the benefits of Coconut Oil Revitalizing Shampoo. The nourishing natural nutrients in coconut oil help provide maximum moisture to dry or damaged hair while pure coconut extract cleanses and strengthens your hair for a dramatically shinier, healthier look.

Coconut Oil Revitalizing Conditioner nourishes the scalp and provides hair with essential proteins needed for revitalizing damaged hair. This penetrating formula gives hair silky manageability and provides each strand of hair with incredible shine.


Blow dryers, products, and weather take a toll on your hair. Coconut Oil Deep Repair Masque is an intense conditioner and helps repair and regrow damaged hair. Coconut oil can help prevent untimely whitening of hair and keeps your scalp and hair root healthy, resulting in revitalized hair.


Go ahead and bring back the health to your hair with this
Coconut Oil Hair Care Set, you deserve it!!