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Difeel Ultra Growth Leave-in Root Stimulator 2.5 oz.

by Difeel

SKU: FSSU52-GRO25 UPC: 711716810066

HAIR GROWTH LEAVE IN TREATMENT: Difeel Ultra Growth with Basil & Castor Oil Leave In Root Stimulator is a unique nature based essential oil formula which helps stimulate hair follicles at the source.

LEAVE IN TREATMENT FOR HAIR GROWTH: Helps encourage natural, healthy hair growth.

HAIR GROWTH TREATMENT: Helps improve blood circulation that stimulates hair follicle and helps promote the production of new, healthy hair.

HAIR GROWTH LEAVE IN: Massaging Basil & Castor Oil improves scalp circulation Helps balance the PH of the scalp Helps flush out toxins The anti-bacterial and anti fungal properties of Castor Oil help rid dandruff and many scalp infections.

HAIR AND SCALP TREATMENT: To use massage a small amount onto the scalp and let it soak in. Easy to use and convenient Difeel packaging