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Difeel Ultra Growth Basil & Castor Oil Pro Growth Conditioner 33.8 oz.

by Difeel

SKU: FSSU33-GRO33 UPC: 711716810332

  • CASTOR OIL HAIR CONDITIONER: Difeel Ultra Growth Basil & Castor Oil Hair Growth Conditioner is a unique. nature based essential oil formulation.
  • CONDITIONER FOR GROWTH: This moisture rich formula helps keep hair soft and smooth. Helps boost hair growth with strengthening, active ingredients.
  • CASTOR OIL CONDITIONER FOR HAIR: This rich conditioner helps improve scalp circulation while helping nourish hair from roots to tips, so it stays healthy and shiny.
  • HAIR CONDITIONER WITH CASTOR OIL: To apply, massage into scalp after using shampoo. Then rinse. 
  • HAIR GROWTH HEALTHY SCALP CONDITIONER: For optimal results, use in conjunction with Ultra Growth Shampoo. Easy to use Difeel packaging and dispensing.