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Difeel Caffeine & Castor Conditioner for Faster Hair Growth 33.8 oz.

by Difeel

SKU: FSSH33-CAF33 UPC: 711716810769

Caffeine & Castor Conditioner

  • Natural Formulation Caffeine and Castor Oil Conditioner
  • Helps stimulate faster hair growth.
  • Strengthens & hydrates to prevent breakage.
  • Smoothes hair follicles, leaving hair softer and silkier
  • Helps thicken, thin, lifeless hair.
  • Made in USA

Quick Hair Growth

Conditioner infused with Caffeine and Castor Oil to help fortify hair and encourage faster healthier hair growth.

Caffeine Oil for Hair Growth

Helps deeply condition and hydrate hair while cleansing for a full, smoother finish.

No Petroleum, No Alcohol, No Mineral Oil, No Preservatives.

33.8 Ounces / 1 Liter

After shampooing with the Caffeine & Castor Shampoo, rinse thoroughly and squeeze out excess water from hair. Apply a liberal amount of product to the hair, focusing on the middle to end section where hair tends to be the most dry. Massage product gently into the hair and allow to penetrate for a few minutes. Rinse thoroughly.