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Barielle Spa-Cation for Nails and Cuticles - 3PC Nail Treatment and Cuticle Care Set

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This 3-PC Spa-Cation collection includes each of the following items:

  • Barielle Nails Restorative Hand Cream 1.5 oz.
  • Barielle Coconut Rehab Nourishing Nail and Cuticle Oil 1 oz.
  • Barielle Aloe Nail Growth Therapy .45 oz.

Barielle Nails Restorative Hand Cream 

Barielle's Restorative Hand Cream with Coconut Oil is the go-to hand cream to resolve dry and chapped hands.

With a soft coconut scent, Barielle's Restorative Hand Cream helps protect your skin against extreme cold, wind and water, offering hydrating nutrients to soften and smooth the roughest of hands.

  • For women and men
  • Hand cream helps sooth and resolve dry and chapped skin
  • Coconut Oil formula helps moisturize and soften hands

1.5 fl oz / 42 ml

How To Use:
Apply liberally to hands and massage until absorbed.


Barielle Coconut Rehab
Nourishing Nail and Cuticle Oil 

Barielle introduces its newest nail and cuticle oil, a complex blend of natural ingredients, topped off with a lovely coconut fragrance. Our nourishing treatment both softens and soothes even the most cracked and dry cuticles.
Barielle Coconut Rehab Nail and Cuticle Oil's rich, nourishing formula provides intense moisture to your cuticles. This formula is and .
Barielle Coconut Rehab Nail and Cuticle oil's rich nourishing formula provides intense moisture to your cuticles. This formula is and .
Our unique, natural oil strengthens your nails while leaving them softer, smoother, and vibrant. An ideal treatment for naturally, beautiful nails and cuticles. Your nails will be left rejuvenated with added shine, for an overall healthier, more beautiful appearance.

  • Rich, nourishing formula
  • Provides intense moisture to your cuticles
  • Softens and smooths cuticles
  • Adds shine and leaves nails healthier looking

Barielle Aloe Nail Growth Therapy 

    • Do you have peeling, weak, brittle nails? Our advanced moisturizing and nourishing Nail Growth Therapy stop nails from peeling and breaking as they grow
    • America's original Nail Treatment brand Barielle presents a luxurious advanced Nail Growth Therapy that transforms dry, fragile nails into beautiful longer nails in just days!
    • Now you can grow longer, stronger nails than ever before with this wonderful nourishing formula containing carefully selected ingredients such as aloe, protein and multi-vitamins
    • The Aloe Growth Therapy works on contact, as vital moisture is absorbed into dry, thin nails to help restore them. Nails are instantly conditioned which stop them from peeling and breaking transforming them into beautiful longer nails.

    Brittle nails that don't seem to grow can be a bummer. Barielle's new Aloe Growth Therapy Nail Treatment can help. Barielle's Aloe Growth Therapy Nail Treatment will nourish your nails while helping them grow.

    Natural Nail Enhancement For Dull Or Yellow Nails Formulated with aloe specifically for brittle, hard-to-grow nails, this special growth therapy formula is designed to help dry, brittle and thin nails by deeply moisturizing.

    Aloe Growth Therapy helps to grow nails longer and stronger in just one week. Aloe-infused formula Nourishes and fortifies nails to help them grow

    Helps prevent peels and breaks Helps promote healthy nail growth

    .45 Ounce

    How to Use:
    Apply one coat to nails twice a week. Can be used alone or as a base coat or top coat.