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Barielle New Years Eve Top Coat Dazzlers - 3 Glitter Nail Shades

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This Nail Polish Bundle Includes each of the following Barielle Protect + with Prosina Nail Polishes and a small snowflake bag:

  • Golden Halo - A Gold with Pink Glitter
  • Princess Pink-  A Sparkly Pink Glitter
  • Gemstones-  A Multi-Color Glitter

Barielle, known for pioneering Hand & Nail Treatments is putting the power in a new Protect + Color Prosina collection. 

Protect+ Nail Colors with Prosina provides flawless coverage along with outstanding durability.  

This Prosina based collection is patented ingredient made up of hydrolyzed keratin which moisturizes, strengthens nails, stimulates growth and improves elasticity. 

With the new Protect Plus Color our polypeptide formulation works to repair thin, weak brittle nails while strengthening hard-to-grow nail. 

COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: United States of America