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Barielle Biotin Growth Duo

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This premium 2-piece set includes:

  • Barielle Nails Strengthening Nail Cream with Biotin 1.5 oz. 
  • Barielle Biotin Pro-Growth Base Coat 


Barielle Nails Strengthening Nail Cream
with Biotin 1.5 oz. 

Daily Nail Cream For Beautiful, Strong Nails

Want beautiful, healthier and stronger nails? Of course you do! Barielle's Daily Strengthening Nail Cream with Biotin is the perfect solution for brittle, weak nails that always split and break. Our Biotin and Vitamin E rich formula revitalizes brittle nails while strengthening them to resist future breakage. Daily Strengthening Nail Cream is easy to use and can even be applied over nail polish! After just 3-4 weeks, you'll see amazing improvements to your nails.

Use Daily Strengthening Nail Cream with Biotin to improve the health of:

  • Splitting nails
  • Brittle, ridged nails
  • Breaking nails
  • Soft nails
  • Damaged nails from acrylics or wraps

1.5 fl oz / 42 ml

How To Use:
Massage into nails and cuticles daily; can even be applied over nail polish. If your nails are extra damaged, use Daily Strengthening Nail Cream at least 2-3 times a day. For the ultimate results, apply our cream at night before bed and allow the cream to penetrate your nails overnight. In just about 3-4 weeks you'll see a noticeable improvement and strong, healthy, beautiful nails.


Barielle Biotin Pro-Growth Base Coat .47 oz.


Fortifying Nail Care 

An exciting new addition to the Barielle line of therapeutic nail treatments is the Biotin Pro-Growth Base Coat. It is a concentrated treatment of Biotin (B7) that has been formulated to aid in healthy nail growth and improve overall nail health.

In addition, it smoothies minor surface imperfection. It protects the natural nail surface from staining by creating a barrier from the elements. It also provides the nail surface a for optimum nail polish application and extends lacquer wear.

One coat is to be applied on a clean, dry nail for flawless nail application. Allow it to dry before a second coat is used.

Also available as a Top Coat

.47 fl oz

How To Use:  
Apply one coat of Biotin Pro-Growth Base Coat to clean, dry nails 2-3 times a week, or as a base coat under nail polish.

Full Ingredients:
Ethyl Acetate, Butyl Acetate, Isopropyl Alcohol, Acrylates Copolymer, Eastman CAB-381-2, D-Biotin 

COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: United States of America