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Barielle All Dressed Up 3-Piece Nail Treatment Collection


SKU: FS5527KT UPC: 720817055276

This 3-Piece Collection includes our Restorative Hand Cream with Coconut Oil, our Chip Shield Top Coat with Keratin and our Protein Rebuilding Base Coat. An intensive overnight, moisture treatment that heals rough, dry, scaled, and chapped hands. This greaseless penetrating cream, formulated with revolutionary Oat Beta Glucan, provides a protective barrier directly on the skin to prevent dryness. Oat Beta Glucan is a unique ingredient derived from natural oats that acts as a natural anti-irritant, which is safe for even the most sensitive skin. Nothing stings like chipping that fresh new manicured color… keep it strong, smooth and chip-free with Barielle’s Chip Shield Top Coat with Keratin. Finish your manicure with a top coat that will protect your nail color to keep it brighter and chip-free for much longer. Prolonging the finish and integrity of your salon-quality manicure is what we strive for! Our affordable and reliable formula will impress the first time and every time after that. Fortifying Nail Care for Soft, Peeling Nails - The environment, along with day-to-day wear and tear can really take a toll on your nails, leaving them soft, weak and peeling. Barielle's Protein Rebuilding Base Coat with ProSina™ will give your nails the TLC they deserve and restore them back to health. Our multi-tasking base coat infused with Bamboo, Argan Oil and Vitamin E helps build strong, resilient nails. The ProSina™ in this base coat is a polypeptide formulation that works with the keratin in the nails to strengthen and harden them, preventing further breakage. These peptides penetrate the nails and skin to provide the extra hydration needed to repair and help grow healthier nails.