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Dermactin-TS 2 Step Advanced Hand Treatment

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SKU: FS0466DR UPC: 021959304667

  • Dagget & Ramsdell 2-Step Hand Treatment
  • Advanced skin care hand treatment. Contains two products:: Thermo-Active Nano Exfoliant and Restorative Hand Treatment for the ultimate in hand care.. Thermo-Active Nano Exfoliant works at the skin's cellular level to help smooth and clarify the skin. Helps increase hydration and increase elasticity. Dermabrasive properties significantly improve the appearance of the hand's skin tone and texture. Restorative Hand Treatment helps restore skin tones, firmness and youthful texture. Revitalizes skin texture and helps visibly reduce the signs of aging. Reduces the translucent, "thin skin" appearance, noticeably seen on the back of the hands. Works to help reduce the appearance of age spots and discolorations..
  • 21959304667